Paul George Responds to Fans With "I'm Rich" Sentiment After Game 4 Loss To Suns

Paul George was very candid after missing two late free throws again in Clippers Game 4 loss to Suns, and he went somewhere that no one has seen him go before. On social media PG-13 was clowned with “George Paul” jokes, and in response he went a route that we all saw Lebron James go when he lost to Dallas in his first season with the Heat.

Paul George used the “I’m rich” sentiment when asked about how he will brush off the ridicule he is receiving for costing Clippers another game in the WCF. In his own words he said, “I still live a wonderful life and have an amazing family. I’m on top of the world regardless of the outcome”. To many people it was like he was saying he doesn’t care, because his life is better than yours. Words that show that he probably is being torn up inside by letting down his team twice in the past few days.

Paul George Responds to Fans With "I'm Rich" Sentiment After Game 4 Loss To Suns

Steve Ballmer’s soul dropped when PG-13 missed that free throw. It was like Deja-Vu for him.

For reference here is the old clip of Lebron James using the “I’m still rich” sentiment like Paul George.

At the end of the day Paul George is right, because basketball is just a game and his job is to entertain fans by showing off his skills win or lose. However, the “I’m still rich” sentiment is a sure fire sign that this is affecting his mental mind state deeply.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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