Kevin Durant Responds to Scottie Pippen Saying Lebron James Is Better Than Him

Earlier today an interview where Scottie Pippen said Kevin Durant isn’t better than Lebron James went viral in the basketball world. Scottie Pippen said he believes Lebron is better than Kevin Durant, because KD still hasn’t become a complete player. He feels KD still doesn’t know how to will a team to a win when there is an even playing field. Kevin Durant responded to Scottie Pippen by giving him a trip down controversial memories lane.

Kevin Durant brought up the incident where Scottie Pippen refused to go in the game during a tied playoff game, because Phil Jackson drew up a last shot play for someone else on the team. To make things worse the play ended up working as Toni Kukoc hit a game winning shot while Scottie Pippen was looking on from the bench.

First listen to Scottie’s comments about KD and Lebron.

Here was Kevin Durant’s response to Scottie Pippen’s criticism. His twitter fingers were in prime form on this day.

Kevin Durant Responds to Scottie Pippen Saying Lebron James Is Better Than Him

Here is news coverage from way back in the day when Scottie Pippen refused to go in a playoffs game against Knicks.

If there is one thing that’s known around the basketball world it’s that Kevin Durant clearly doesn’t like criticism that puts him beneath Lebron James. KD himself has talked about how frustrating it was that people were still calling Lebron the best player in the league after he won championships with Golden State. Based on that it was inevitable that KD would respond to Scottie Pippen’s comments, and he came with some real ether.

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