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Man Passes Out After Meeting Floyd Mayweather in Dubai ‘Next to God You’re My Hero’

Floyd Mayweather is currently in Dubai ahead of his strange boxing match against Youtuber Reshad ‘Money Kicks’ Belhasa, who is the son of a billionaire. Their much anticipated match will take place on a helipad at the top of Burj Al Arab hotel. Since Floyd doesn’t come to Dubai very often some of his biggest fans got the opportunity to meet him for the first time, which led to a scary moment.

Video Shows Man Passing Out After Meeting Floyd Mayweather in Dubai

As Floyd Mayweather was navigating through a large crowd a man approached him saying some crazy things. This guy put Floyd Mayweather on the same pedestal as God saying

“Next to God You’re my Hero.”

It was easy to see Floyd was feeling that compliment, considering he’s a somewhat religious person, and probably knows that blasphemy. Things got scary when the man passed while holding Floyd Mayweather’s hand. Being the caring person he is Floyd made sure the fan was okay before moving on.


Many people said Floyd Mayweather’s relevancy would dwindle after he retired from boxing. Many people said he wouldn’t be able to keep up with his lifestyle without being a professional boxer. Little did they know that his star power would grow even bigger, and he would making the same amount of money of easy fights like taking on Logan Paul, and now another YouTube boxer. In addition Floyd Mayweather is making grown men pass out like prime Michael Jackson.