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Video Shows Lighting Striking Moving Car then Entire Town Runs to Rescue the Driver and His Family

In an amazing show of kindness, a small town in Iran has recently come together to help a family in need. It all began when a car carrying a family of four was struck by lightning, leaving the vehicle and its passengers stranded.

Realizing they were in danger, the family called for help. Before long, the entire town had assembled to help them out of the predicament. Residents of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds came together, crowding around the car to make sure everyone could be pulled to safety.

The video of the rescue went viral worldwide, and with it, the message of how incredible the power of kindness can be. In a world that is often filled with violence and hate, it is inspiring to witness the lengths that people will go to to help a family in need.

The power of kindness is what drove the town of Iran to come together and help the family in need. It was an extraordinary act of courage and love, and it serves as a reminder that we all have the capacity to be kind. It does not take a lot of money or resources to make a difference, but it does take a lot of heart.

The world needs more of the kindness that was shown in that small town in Iran. Often times you see people just pull out their phones and record when they see someone in a dire situation. This footage was a reminder that we are all connected, and that kindness should be an unconditional act of courage and strength.

It’s not often you see a moving car struck by lightning, and it’s even less often you’ll see an entire town come to rescue someone that quickly. They weren’t even fearful of getting electrocuted.

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