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Canelo Alvarez Threatens to Fight Lionel Messi After Video of Him Disrespecting Mexican Flag Trends on Social Media

Lionel Messi has been trending worldwide after his unsportsmanlike conduct after a recent game. Viral footage shows Lionel Messi using the Mexican flag to clean the floor of their locker room. The video has now been seen millions of times all over the world by angry people including Mexican superstar boxer Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo Alvarez Will Fight Lionel Messi if They Cross Paths Due to Mexican Flag Cleaning Video

Canelo Alvarez who is one of the most ferocious boxers of this generation is very upset with Mr. Messi. In a series of Tweets Canelo Alvarez threatened to knockout Lionel Messi with some very bold words. He simply conveyed that for Messi’s sake he hopes they never cross paths. In the tweets he wrote, “Saw Messi cleaning the floor with our jersey and flag. He should ask God that I don’t find him”.

Canelo Alvarez vs Lionel Messi Vital Stats

Canelo Alvarez is 5 feet 8 inches tall weighing in around 168 pounds. His opponent Lionel Messi is 5 feet 7 inches 148 pounds. Canelo has a height, weight, strength, and hand speed advantage in this fight. However, in a street fight kicks are legal, and Messi definitely has the edge in that regard plus endurance.

Canelo Alvarez knocking out Lionel Messi would easily be a top 5 viral moment in sports history. It might behoove him to keep Alvarez’s schedule in his phone just to be safe.

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