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Russell Westbrook Goes Crazy While Bleeding Trying to Fight Zach Collins after He Elbows Him in the Head on Possibly Dirty Play

Russell Westbrook has always been known as one of the most intense players in the NBA. There isn’t a moment on the court that he doesn’t seem to play the absolute hardest he can. A player like that has seemingly reached the highest level of intensity, but when another player made Westbrook see his own blood he redefined the word “intense” once again.

Bloody Russell Westbrook Tries to Fight Zach Collins for Elbowing Him in the Head on Potentially Dirty Play

If you’ve played any type of video game in the fighting or wrestling genres, then you’ve probably come across one where your character gets a power boost if they started bleeding. Several WWE wrestling games dabbled with the gameplay mechanic. During Lakers vs Spurs things got testy when Zach Collins elbowed Russell Westbrook in his head with a hammer like motion. Within seconds Russell Westbrook was bleeding from his forehead area as he charged at Zach Collins for a fight.

Lebron was able to hold him back, but in that moment the blood really started pouring. At one point Westbrook was literally blowing it away from mouth area. Being the nice teammate he is Lebron got a towel, and helped him cover up the injury from the cameras. It seemed for a moment there that Westbrook got a little shocked at the amount of vital red fluid that was pouring down his face. Zach Collins received a flagrant 2 foul, and was ejected from the game.



Head injuries like that are always scary to see. Hopefully Westbrook just has a small wound that may require stitches, rather than something more serious. Zach Collins might be looking at a possible suspension, especially considering he didn’t even seem to feel bad about it.

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