Floyd Mayweather In Gym Training Knocking Money Out Punching Bag Day After Jake Paul Knocked Out Ben Askren

Have you ever watched a cartoon where a character gets hit and money falls out their head? That became real life in video of Floyd Mayweather training in the gym the day after Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren. Reports have come in that Jake Paul’s match with Ben Askren did around 1.5 million pay per views. Floyd Mayweather is probably licking his chops at how much his match with Logan Paul could make.

In the gym training video Floyd Mayweather knocked money out his punching bag. There was literally money falling from the sky every time he hit the punching bag. From the looks of things Floyd is more powerful than ever. That old man strength might be kicking in.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul have had some impressive performances, but neither has faced a real professional boxer yet. Ben Askren was the closest to a professional fighter they have fought, and it looked like he didn’t even train for that match.

If Floyd Mayweather hits Logan Paul with the force he was hitting the punching bag, that match will be over quickly.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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