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Why Did ESPN Punish a Black Woman For Rachel Nichols Racist Comments about Maria Taylor?

ESPN is in the midst of major controversy after audio leaked of Rachel Nichols’ racist comments about Maria Taylor. In the audio which was recorded during the NBA Bubble when she didn’t know cameras were still rolling, Rachel Nichols called Maria Taylor a diversity hire who only got opportunity due to being black. She claimed ESPN only hired her, because they felt pressure about their lack of diversity, not because of her credentials.

Why Did ESPN Suspend a Black Woman Named Kayla Johnson For Rachel Nichols Racist Comments About Maria Taylor?

What makes this situation so crazy is that Rachel Nichols was never punished. Rather it’s reported that ESPN punished a black video producer named Kayla Johnson for sending Rachel Nichols’ racist comments to Maria Taylor. Kayla Johnson was allegedly suspended for two weeks without pay. In essence Kayla Johnson exposed Rachel Nichols, and was punished for snitching. However, ESPN didn’t do anything to the person who actually made the racist comments.

Take a listen to this leaked Rachel Nichols racist audio.

Behind the scenes tension grew between black employees at ESPN and Rachel Nichols, because of their refusal to punish her for the disparaging comments about Maria Taylor. It got to a point where the stars of the show NBA Countdown allegedly were close to boycotting.

Rachel Nichols claims she attempted reaching out to Maria Taylor to apologize, but she refused to accept it.

Does this mean Rachel Nichols is racist? She was favorite among NBA fans of all colors, but this changes everything.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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