'One Punch Man' Walmart Employee Fight Goes Viral After Walmart Worker Knocks Out Customer Who Spit On Him

A Walmart employee fight going viral has left one Walmart worker dubbed “One Punch Man”. Video shows the moment the Walmart employee knocked out a customer with one punch after getting hit by a shopping cart. It appears the man spit on the Walmart employee before getting hit.

Like the other Walmart fight that happened some weeks ago, it was the smaller fighter that was able to knockout someone twice their size. It didn’t look like he got hit hard, but he dropped instantly like a log.


It’s still not known what got the man so mad that he decided to spit on somebody, but he probably regrets the decision now. Unfortunately both of them will probably suffer consequences, because a Walmart employee knocking out a customer seems like grounds for being fire regardless of the circumstances.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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