There’s no doubt that cats are some of the cutest animals on the planet. Their small size mixed with a seemingly high level of intelligence and personality often times leads to some hilarious moments. A perfect example is a recent video showing what a pet cat did during a soccer game.

Video of Cute Cat Playing Goalie with TV Screen During Soccer Game Goes Viral

It’s well known that cats love small round objects. Whether it’s a ball of yarn, or just any kind of spherical object they usually enjoy playing around with it. Usually when an animal sees a ball on TV they don’t react, but every once awhile they will. Viral footage shows a smart cat playing goalie by trying to block the soccer ball going into the net during a soccer match on TV.

The cat’s actions had everyone in the room laughing hysterically, which raises the question if a cat can be a soccer fan?

In sports like soccer you will often times here people saying an athlete has ‘cat like reflexes’. This video is a literal representation of why that became a phrase. If that cat was on the soccer field it would have probably blocked every shot.

It’s safe to say that cat deserves MLS or FIFA contract, don’t you think?

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