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Enes Kanter Pushes For Gun Control After His Brother Ahmet Is Robbed at Gun Point in Atlanta

Enes Kanter is pushing for gun control after his immediate family experienced a dangerous situation in the wee hours of the morning. According to reports Enes Kanter’s brother Ahmet was robbed at gun point in Atlanta around 4am in One12 Courtland Apartments. His brother was actually one of three people who told police they were robbed by 4 men armed with guns.

In response to the incident Enes Kanter used his voice on twitter to share security camera footage of Ahmet Kanter getting robbed. The video shows a man with a gun approaching his brother’s entourage then making them give up their wallets, jewelry, and shoes.

In Enes Kanter’s message on twitter he wrote, “I’m shocked and disgusted. My little brother (Ahmet) walking around Atlanta, gets a gun pulled on him, and robbed. When will we have some normal gun control measures? This is not okay & not normal. We need to keep demanding peace and change, and stop putting guns in peoples hands”.

Luckily no was one shot during the robbery. However, the mental scars from experiencing getting robbed could probably last a long time.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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