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Is Malika Andrews a Feminist? Conspiracy Theory Trends After She Calls Kendrick Perkins ‘Irresponsible’ on Live TV for Mentioning Female Celtics Staff Member

Malika Andrews has been at the center of sports conversations today after her on-air bouts with both Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins. Over the course of the day she seemed extremely defensive about the situation, which has led to some heated moments on multiple ESPN shows. We all know Kendrick Perkins has inside information about the Celtics given his close relationship with the franchise, so when he expounded on the situation Malika didn’t like what he had to say, or so it seemed.

Why Did Malika Andrews Disrespect Kendrick Perkins On Live TV for Saying the Female Celtics Staff Member Should Be Punished Too?

As we all know Ime Udoka had some form of intimate relationship with a Celtics Staff member, which violated their workplace policies. His year long suspension was the result of an internal investigation conducted by an independent law firm. The relationship was described as “consensual”, which means both parties were willing and wanted it. However, as of right now Ime Udoka is the only one getting punished, and Celtics confirmed that the woman involved is not facing any disciplinary action.

Kendrick Perkins was a guest on ‘NBA Today’ to give his thoughts about the situation as a person who used to work for the Boston Celtics. He feels Ime Udoka’s punishment is warranted, but similar to Stephen A. Smith he doesn’t like how the situation has been publicized. He also doesn’t understand why Celtics management was complaining about the unfair treatment female employees who aren’t involved in the situation are receiving due to internet speculation since it was Celtics management who made the situation go public in the first place.

Things got heated when Kendrick Perkins said he believes the female Celtics staff member should be punished just like Ime Udoka. He doesn’t understand why she isn’t being held accountable when the relationship was consensual.

In response to that a visibly angry Malika Andrews called Kendrick Perkins “irresponsible” for saying the woman should be punished since she was equally responsible for the relationship with Ime Udoka. Malika seemed to believe that Kendrick was basing that assessment on speculation, and reiterated about how an independent law firm decided that Ime Udoka was the only one who should face disciplinary action.

However, even when Kendrick Perkins told her that he has inside information about the situation she seemed to completely ignore that, and continued scolding him. After berating him Malika Andrews took Kendrick Perkins off the air, or so it seemed. What’s up with that?

Is Malika Andrews a Feminist?

Malika Andrews disrespecting Kendrick Perkins on Live TV continues the trend of her being very defensive about this situation even when the person she’s arguing with knows more about what happened than she does. You’ve probably seen how she got into with Stephen. A Smith on First Take.

Her actions today has fueled a conspiracy theory that Malika Andrews is a feminist.

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