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Crying Little Girl Attempts Committing Suicide with Nerf Gun In Front of Her Laughing Parents

A strange video on YouTube is going viral, because of implications it may be giving about the kid and her parents. In the video a crying little girl attempts committing suicide in front of her laughing parents. Luckily the little girl shot herself with a Nerf gun, rather than real gun.

As she was crying uncontrollable she picked up a nerf gun, turned it around, and shot herself right in the face. In the background you could hear her parents laughing, while her little brother seemed very worried about her well being.

A lot of people are saying this a prime of example of bad parenting. Take a look.

The projectiles from a Nerf gun are generally harmless from far range, but at close range this little girl could have actually injured herself, especially if it hit her eye. It’s also strange that she knew exactly how to mimic committing suicide by shooting herself.

In all honesty it seems the parents might have some explaining to do, but at the same time no one really knows why she was crying. At the moment this video has more than 5 million views.

Author: JordanThrilla

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