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Was Post Malone High on Percocet Drugs While Performing ‘I Fall Apart’ on Stage? Post Malone’s ‘Tweaking’ Behavior During Recent Concert Fuels Conspiracy Theory

Recently rapper Post Malone took the stage, and left some fans a bit worried about his mental mind state, but there is debate around whether or not people are taking things out of context.

While his energy is usually infectious during his shows, this particular performance left many of his fans scratching their heads as he seemed to be tweaking on stage. His eyes appeared to roll back in his head, and he was making strange movements with his hands.

This strange behavior quickly sparked a conspiracy theory that Post Malone may have been high on drugs, with Percocet being the drug of choice. On social media many people have compared it to the viral video of Nelly at Juicy Fest 2023.

Post Malone has not publicly addressed the rumors, but this wouldn’t be the first time he faced these types of allegations about drug use, so he likely doesn’t need to. Some fans defending his honor claim that his strange movements are unique to the way he performs that specific song, “Fall Apart”. Yet still many people still believe that it was a sign that Post Malone was, in fact, high on drugs during the performance. Take a look at the footage.

The conspiracy theory that Post Malone was high on Percocet drugs during his “I Fall Apart” performance cannot be definitively proven one way or the other. However, some people did post alleged footage of him performing the same song at a previous concert while making similar movements.

In any case it did look like Post Malone was ‘tweaking’, but maybe that’s just how his body moves when he’s really into a song.

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