Joel Embiid 'Big Energy' Chain Is Only Comparable to Kanye West's Horus Chain

With Sixers season about to come to an end Joel Embiid used jewelry to make big statement in their final game without playing. Joel Embiid’s “Big Energy” chain went viral after Sixers camera put his drip on the big screen.

The gold chain features a massive centerpiece that shows flexing silver figure with “76ers” adorned on the chest area. The chain looks only comparable to the massive Horus piece chain Kanye West used to wear back in the day.

Joel Embiid 'Big Energy' Chain Is Only Comparable to Kanye West's Horus Chain

Joel Embiid is going to need “Big Energy” to make a run to the finals, because he has the Heat, Bucks, and Celtics standing in his way. However, this season Ben Simmons is healthy, Doc Rivers is coaching, and they have one of the best three point shooters in the league in Seth Curry.

Sixers fans should be very hyped about Joel Embiid’s “Big Energy” chain. It’s a sign he is about to go berserk in the playoffs. However, as injury prone as he is you just have to hope it doesn’t cause a neck injury.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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