Russell Westbrook’s reaction to an airball free throw during Wizards vs Celtics was tough to watch if you’ve ever been a fan of him. In that moment it seemed he may have realized his career is really going downhill fast.

As the airball fell about 2 feet short of the rim Russell Westbrook stared at the rim for a long time almost like he was thinking “How did it get to this point”. He didn’t look mad, he didn’t look sad, he just looked very confused. It seems even he doesn’t know what is going on with his basketball career anymore.

Sure Russell Westbrook is averaging 19, 9, and 9 on 40% shooting this season, but his stats are more empty than ever. He just doesn’t have the same impact he used to have when he won MVP with a supporting cast similar to what he has now.

He hasn’t fallen off as bad as Blake Griffin, but with mental toll this season is taking on him who knows what will be left of Westbrook when it’s all said and done.

Author: JordanThrilla

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