Norman Powell Lines Up On The Wrong Side Court Before Tipoff of Blazers vs Raptors. Norman Powell Forgetting He Doesn't Play for Raptors Now

Norman Powell was traded to the Blazers just a few days ago, so he’s still getting adjusted to his new team. Even with debuting with a spectacular performance everything is still very new to him. So much so that Norman Powell forgot what team he was on during Blazers vs Raptors game today.

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In hilarious footage Normal Powell lined up on the wrong side of the court thinking he was still playing for the Raptors. When he realized what he just did he quickly jumped back to the Blazers’ side of the court. You could see Pascal Siam laughing in the background.

Even though he wasn’t wearing a Raptors Jersey that championship bond with his old teammates was still as strong as ever.

In his debut game Norman Powell scored 22 points on 5-7 3 point shooting, which was the highest mid season scoring debuts in Blazers’ history.

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Now he also has one of the funniest moments in Blazers history too.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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