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Bronny James Makes Twelve Straight Threes During Shooting Drill at 2024 NBA Draft Combine

The 2024 NBA Draft Combine has been a highly anticipated event, with basketball enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the performances of the top prospects. Among the players who have garnered significant attention is Bronny James, the son of NBA legend LeBron James. Despite facing adversity during his college career, Bronny has seized the opportunity to showcase his potential at the combine.

A Challenging College Journey

Bronny James’ college numbers were far from impressive, averaging a mere 5 points per game on a dismal 36% shooting. However, his journey was further complicated by a life-changing heart issue that sidelined him for half of the season. These circumstances made it challenging to accurately assess his NBA readiness, prompting Bronny to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft as soon as possible.

By entering the draft early, Bronny likely aimed to capitalize on the fact that teams would focus more on his potential rather than his college statistics. This strategic move proved to be a wise decision, as the draft combine presented an invaluable opportunity for him to showcase his abilities and silence his doubters.

Impressive Shooting Display: Bronny James Makes Twelve Straight Threes

During the draft combine, Bronny James made a significant stride towards proving his critics wrong by delivering an exceptional shooting performance. In a shooting drill that required him to zig-zag around the court, taking three-pointers from various angles, Bronny showcased impeccable confidence and accuracy.

With unwavering focus, Bronny drained an impressive 12 consecutive three-pointers, demonstrating his potential as a reliable spot-up shooter in the NBA from day one. This remarkable feat not only highlighted his shooting prowess but also showcased his mental toughness and ability to thrive under pressure.

Is Bronny James a Jrue Holiday Clone?

While Bronny’s draft stock remains uncertain, his performance at the combine has undoubtedly elevated his prospects. He also set impressive records during his jumping drills. If selected, he is likely to be drafted in the mid to late second round, providing him with an opportunity to continue his development in the NBA G-League.

However, Bronny’s star power and the potential for packed arenas in the G-League could entice an NBA team to take a chance on him, offering him an NBA contract straight out of the draft. After witnessing his impressive 12 three-pointer streak, teams may be more inclined to overlook his college numbers and invest in his potential.

As the 2024 NBA Draft approaches, Bronny James has undoubtedly captured the attention of scouts, coaches, and fans alike. His performance at the combine has showcased his determination, skill, and unwavering spirit, leaving many to wonder if he will follow in his father’s footsteps and become a household name in the NBA.

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