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Joe Biden Executive Order Allows Transgender Women to Be on Cisgender Women Sports Teams

Joe Biden is making major statements with his executive orders just days after officially become President, and he may have made his boldest move yet. Joe Biden’s newest executive order allows Transgender women to play on Cisgender women sports teams. A cisgender woman is a girl who’s gender identity corresponds with their physical birth gender.

The new rule will be backed by Title IX, which means schools who refuse to follow the Executive Order can lose government funding.

Transgender women participating in women’s sports has always been controversial, because of the idea that they could have an unfair advantage. There are allegedly science studies that potentially show that even after taking hormones a transgender woman still has strength and endurance advantages over a natural woman. There are also aspects of the human body you can’t technically change such as bone and muscle structure.

Another factor is health issues women go through in sports that cause them to sometime miss time. These include things like menstrual cycles and pregnancies. A basketball team with a transgender woman as their superstar wouldn’t have to worry about those things, which could be considered another unfair advantage.

Another question people are wondering is what about the Transgender male athletes? Are they allowed to participate in men’s sports too?

The idea is very noble of Joe Biden, but it is sure to receive much backlash and leaves many questions unanswered regarding its implementation. It will be interesting to see how many schools and sports leagues decide not to comply.

Author: JordanThrilla