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Does Lebron James Need Right Ankle Surgery for Arthritis? Skip Bayless’ Claim Leaves Lakers Fans in Shambles

Skip Bayless, the controversial host of Fox Sports’ Undisputed, has made a shocking claim about LeBron James’ ankle injury. According to Bayless, a source told him that James needs surgery on his arthritic right ankle to continue his NBA career without having to take pain injections each time he steps on the court.

More Details About Skip Bayless Claiming Lebron James Needs Ankle Surgery

Bayless said that his source, who saw James’ ankle injury, told him that James’ foot injury where he heard a pop was likely caused by his body overcompensating due to the chronic issues involving his right ankle needing surgery. Bayless added that his source said that James has been playing through pain for months, and that he is risking further damage by postponing the surgery. As we all know Lebron James has missed a ton of games this season due to ankle soreness.

Interestingly in the past Bayless also accused James of lying about his injury and creating media narratives to boost his legacy. Naturally, Bayless’ claims have been met with skepticism and criticism by many NBA fans and analysts, who questioned his credibility and motives. Some pointed out that Bayless has a history of bashing James and undermining his achievements. Others argued that James has shown no signs of slowing down or being hampered by his ankle injury, as he is averaging 30 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists per game this season.


Whether Bayless’ claims are true or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: LeBron James is not going down without a fight. As long as Lakers make the playoffs it’s safe to say Lebron might even take horse tranquilizers to make sure he can make it through each game.