Is The Rock gay for pay? WWE legend Brickhouse Brown revealed that The Rock allegedly did gay stuff with Pat Patterson in order to become WWE Champion and secure a $3 Million dollar contract. The comments are interesting due to the fact that many wrestlers have come forward over the years claiming they were molested by Pat Patterson.

In the video below the comments about The Rock being gay for pay start at the 3:09 mark.

In this video Brickhouse goes more in depth about Pat Patterson molesting wrestlers. He tells a story of Pat Patterson trying to give him top during an elevator ride after he invited him over to his house.

Brickhouse Brown knew the The Rock well as a youngster. He was with The Rock when his football career failed, and he began wrestling in an independent wrestling league. In fact the Rock’s first wrestling match in the indie league was against his good friend Brickhouse Brown.

It was alleged that The Rock was desperate to secure a wrestling contract with WWE, after his football dreams became unattainable. That desperation are what made The Rock gay for pay if the stories are actually true.

While these claims from Brickhouse Brown haven’t been confirmed, it makes you wonder given his close history with The Rock, and other wrestling claims about Pat Patterson.

Author: JordanThrilla


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