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Is Supreme Team Bimmy a Confidential Informant? Paperwork Evidence Allegation Fuels Snitching Rumor

A rumor is going viral on social media that Bimmy Antney, a former member of the infamous Supreme Team and a legendary music promoter, is a paid confidential informant for the federal government. The allegations have left the hip hop world stunned, and apparently there is paperwork party evidence to backup the accusations.

How Did the Rumor that Supreme Team Bimmy is a Snitch Start?

The rumors of Bimmy snitching started after The Real Brian Glaze Gibbs, posted a video on YouTube claiming that he received a message from Terrence Williams brother. The message allegedly said that Zip put some paperwork online that could prove that Bimmy is a snitch.

The message Glaze revealed in his video read: “This is crazy Zip just put Bimmy’s paperwork online. It looks legit. I don’t want to hear nobody else saying nothing about Glaze if they address this paperwork”.

The paperwork party rumor has many people convinced that Bimmy is a confidential informant, which is shocking considering he is one of the most prominent and respected members of the Supreme Team, a notorious drug organization that operated in Queens, New York, in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Supreme Team was led by Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder and drug trafficking. The Supreme Team was also involved in the hip-hop industry, having connections with artists such as Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, 50 Cent, Jam Master Jay, and Waka Flocka Flame.

In his video, Brian Glaze Gibbs explained how he believes that only 5% of people who grew up in the street stay true to their street code, so it is not surprising to him that Bimmy is allegedly a paid confidential informant. Bimmy has not publicly responded to the rumor or the video yet. It doesn’t seem like Glaze has personal beef with Bimmy, but he like many people wants him to come clean, and tell the truth whatever it may be.

Alleged paperwork Evidence Supreme Team Bimmy is a paid Confidential Informant
Image Credit: Brian Glaze Gibbs/Youtube

The rumor about Bimmy being a snitch has sparked a lot of controversy and debate among fans and followers of the Supreme Team and the hip-hop culture. Some people are defending Bimmy and calling the rumor false and baseless, while others are accusing him of being a traitor and a rat.

The truth behind the rumor is still unclear and unconfirmed. It remains to be seen if Bimmy will address the allegations and clear his name, or if more evidence will emerge to support or refute the claims. Until then, the rumor will continue to generate buzz and speculation among those who are interested in the history and legacy of the Supreme Team and its members.

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