Over the past 20 years Mystikal has served time in prison multiple times over allegations of raping women. Now in 2022 he’s back in jail for the same crime once again, and it all allegedly started over $100 according to the victim. The details of what allegedly took place, and the drug he may be using are simply astonishing and scary.

Is Mystikal Smoking Meth? Rapper Mystikal Charged with Raping, Choking, and Pulling Out a Woman’s Hair Over $100 in Possible Meth Induced Rampage

According to multiple reports Michael Tyler aka Mystikal was arrested in Ascension Parish this past Sunday after sexually assaulting a woman who came to visit him at his home. Based on police reports shortly after the woman came over Mystikal became enraged when he couldn’t find $100. With the emotions of anger clouding his mind Mystikal blamed the woman, and convinced himself that she stole the $100 from him. That’s when things took a dangerous turn.

According to police reports Mystikal pulled out the woman’s hair while choking and punching her. He also took her keys and phone so she couldn’t leave the home, or call police. In an effort to calm him down the woman began frantically looking around his home for the money, but in the process Mystikal raped the woman allegedly.

While the woman was searching for his money she found a drug that police believe is Mystikal’s meth stash. Before allowing the woman to leave his home Mystikal used her CashApp account to send himself $150 according to reports.

Mystikal Mugshot

Mystikal’s Ascension Parish police booking report has to be seen to be believed.

Mystikal Police Booking Report from Ascension Parish

As you can see in the Mystikal arrest booking report he’s facing 10 charges including first degree rape, simple robbery, domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, and possession of meth. His arrest report seemingly confirms Mystikal smokes meth now, or is selling it.

As aforementioned this marks the third time Mystikal has allegedly raped a woman in the past 20 years, so it’s safe to see his prison sentence this time might be much longer than his past cases, since he’s a repeat offender. It’s so crazy he once one of the best rappers alive on top of the music world.

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