Members of R&B Group Troop React to Reggie Warren Dead at Age 52

Members of R&B Group “Troop” are reacting to Reggie Warren dead at Age 52. His family was expecting this sad day to come after he was released from the hospital on Saturday after Doctors confirmed that his death was imminent. He died this morning.

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Reggie Warren had been battling health issues dating back to last year according to multiple reports. However, there are no details on what ailment he was suffering from, but it has been confirmed it wasn’t COVID-19.

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On social media other members of Troop left emotional reactions to Reggie Warren’s death.

Members of R&B Group Troop React to Reggie Warren Dead at Age 52

One of our favorite Troop songs was “All I Do Is Think of You”. There have been countless spins off or recreations of this song made by many other artists over the years. Most people have listened to this song at some point in life, now it makes us want to shed a tear.

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It’s still crazy to think the Reggie Warren is dead, no one ever expects to hear of a legend like that dying so soon. 52 years is way too young to go.

RIP to Reggie Warren, and pray for his family through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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