When Blueface is trending it’s safe to say it’s not for a good reason, and that trend continued with recent footage going viral. You know that old saying that goes ‘no one wins when the family feuds’? That accurately describes the tragic situation that unfolded on social media for Blueface’s family. The fight involved Blueface’s girlfriend, his mom, his sister, and his sister’s husband.

Blueface’s Girlfriend Fighting His Sister After Blueface’s Sister’s Husband Got Knocked Out Goes Viral

Viral footage shows Blueface’s girlfriend beating up his sister while a bunch of people just stand back and watched. Some people are saying that Blueface’s sister pissed herself, which is why she has a large wet spot on the back of her dress. The man you see knocked out on the ground is Blueface sister’s husband who got jumped. Based on the rumors this whole situation was orchestrated by Blueface, which is why he is receiving major backlash on social media.

Details on Why Blueface’s Sister Was Fighting His Girlfriend in Viral Footage

Based on rumors it’s alleged Blueface told his girlfriend to beat up his mom for some unknown reason. When Blueface’s sister and her husband tried to defend his mom it’s alleged that Blueface ordered 7 people to jump his own sister and her husband. That’s why Blueface’s sister’s husband is knocked out cold in the video above. People are saying Blueface’s sister pissed herself while she was getting jumped, which as aforementioned could explain the large wet spot on his sister’s clothing. After they were finished jumping them it’s alleged that Blueface made his girlfriend continue beating up his sister, which is what you see in the video below.

This tweet accurately conveys how most people feel about Blueface getting his family beaten up.

It’s really sad what Blueface allegedly did to his family, but it’s not surprising at all. We’ve all seen him do some crazy stuff on social media that seems to show he has no morals. Prayers up for his mom, sister, and sister’s husband. Hopefully they didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

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