By now most of the hiphop world has seen the video of Houston OG Blika having Sauce Walka’s chain after putting a $20K bounty on all TSF Member’s chains. The question now is why is Sauce Walka silent?

It all started when Blika dissed Sancho Saucy, and said he will give anyone $20,000 if they take a TSF Member’s Chain. A few days later Blika had Sauce Walka’s chain in his hands, while laughing at him.

Strangely enough Sauce Walka hasn’t said one word about this. The usually tough talking, loud, and boisterous Sauce Walka doesn’t say anything about someone in his own city robbing him?

Some people believe that Blika has really pulled Sauce Walka’s card. Based on evidence at hand it’s really tough to say he didn’t.

Sauce Walka is going to look real funny in the light if he never speaks on this, but based on his track record he should be responding soon.

Author: JordanThrilla

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