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Zoom Video Shows Brother Polight’s Victim’s Mother Speaking After He’s Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Is Brother Polight a pedophile? That was the question that went viral back in 2021, when news first broke about the alleged things he did to an underage person. Now about 2 years later, Brother Polight, a self-proclaimed spiritual leader and motivational speaker, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl, who is the daughter of his girlfriend.

Tony the Closer Posts Zoom Video of Brother Polight’s Sentencing Showing the Victim’s Mother Speaking

Back in 2021, when Brother Polight was first arrested, and then released on bail, it was first popular YouTuber “UNWINEWITHTASHAK” who broke the news. Since the case has drawn widespread attention and outrage on social media as people waited to see the results of the trial.

Tony the Closer, a real estate investor and podcaster, posted a video showing the Zoom conference where the judge read Brother Polight the charges he was facing before the sentencing. As you’ll see below, in the footage Brother Polight’s victim’s mother speaks, which was very emotional. According to the video, he was charged with three counts of sexual battery of a minor, and one count of lewd and lascivious conduct.

He faced up to 15 years in prison for each count if convicted at trial. However, he accepted a plea deal that reduced his sentence to 7 years in prison, followed by 10 years of probation and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Brother Polight’s reaction to the sentencing was him maintaining his innocence, and insinuating that the accusations were part of a conspiracy to destroy his reputation. Whatever the truth is, he’s still looking at a 2030 release date, if he serves the full length of his sentence.

Brother Polight, whose real name is Michael Noak Jr., is a controversial figure who has a large following on social media, where he posts videos and live streams of his lectures and debates. In the past he has been accused of scamming his followers out of money, spreading misinformation, and promoting a cult-like mentality. He has been involved in several legal disputes and controversies over the years, such as suing the LAPD.

Tony the Closer captioned his zoom video of Brother Polight pleading guilty with a message saying, “Micheal Noak just plead guilty to molesting a 14 year old and sentenced to 7 years in jail with 10 years probation. Victim’s mother speaks at the end”.

How Social Media is Reacting to Brother Polight’s Sentencing

Many people on social media have expressed their satisfaction and relief that Brother Polight has been held accountable for his alleged crimes. They have also praised Tony the Closer for exposing him, and bringing awareness to the case.

However, some of Brother Polight’s supporters have defended him, and questioned the validity of the evidence and the motives of the accusers. They have also accused Tony the Closer of being opportunistic. Below is the video that first broke the news of his arrest a few years ago.

The case of Brother Polight has sparked a heated debate on social media about the issues of abuse, manipulation, and accountability. Considering the egregiousness of what he allegedly did, it’s surprising it took this long to see the case come to a close. Hopefully the victim is able to lead a normal life, after going through what allegedly happened that day.

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