Master P Water Is Viral: Master P Reveals his 'LA GREAT' Water Line

One of Hip-hop’s greatest business moguls is expanding his empire once again, and following in the footsteps of Lavar Ball. Master P water now exists, similar to how Lavar Ball released BBB water. In a viral video Master P unveiled his water line called “LA GREAT”.

Where To Buy Master P “LA Great” Water

Master P’s water is available at Rouses Markets, and eventually would expand to other stores. It has many options available based on you preference such as purified water, spring water, and alkaline water.

What Does ‘LA GREAT” stand for?

Master P’ water is called “LA GREAT” to represent this positive slogan, “Living Authentically Gets You Really Excited About Today”. Now that’s deep.

Master P Water Is Viral: Master P Reveals his 'LA GREAT' Water Line

If you support Black owned family businesses then you support Master P, and all his endeavors.

If you are looking for water at your store, and you see Master P’s “LA GREAT” water make sure you buy some.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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