detailed video of gunshots during mall of America shooting in Nordstrom

Mall of America is currently under lockdown after law enforcement caught wind of a potentially dangerous situation unfolding. According to reports gunshots were heard near the Nordstrom store of the shopping center. Around 9:30pm eastern the mall staff released a tweet saying a lockdown situation was in progress. About 1 hour later the lockdown was lifted.

Mall of America shooting at Nordstrom details about the lockdown lifting
video showing moment shots rang out during mall of America shooting at Nordstrom

Video Shows Moment Shots Rang Out During Mall of America Shooting at Nordstrom

As aforementioned, people who were near the scene of incident reported hearing gunshots going off before the panic began. According to reporter Danny Spewak of KARE11 news, a man named Javonta Patton captured video of the moment shots rang out inside Nordstrom during Mall of America shooting. The motive still unknown.



Considering Mall of America has lifted the lockdown, that could be a good sign that things are under control. Still yet it goes without saying that it might be best to avoid that area if you’re in that city.

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