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Drunk Black Man Knocks Out White Woman Who Accused Him of Hitting Her Sister After Saying ‘I Ain’t Hit S*** B****’

The phrase ‘I ain’t hit s*** b****’ is going viral, and after you see the footage below you will understand why. The viral video shows a drunk black man knock out a white woman who accused him of hitting her sister. Before punching her in the face, he claimed he was being framed.

The video starts when the white woman runs up on the black man saying, “You hit my sister in the face”. Instantly the black guy knocked out the white woman replying “I ain’t hit s*** b****”. The video ends before showing the aftermath, but you could see the man get surrounding by other men ready to defend the woman’s honor. However, despite the fact he was outnumbered it seemed like everyone there was afraid to retaliate for her.

So many things are wrong with this video. First off a man hitting a woman never seems right regardless of the situation. He could have at least waited to see if she would strike him first. Secondly, if the woman falsely accused him hitting her sister that is also very wrong.

The old saying goes is two wrongs don’t make a right, so both the man and woman are losers for this situation if you take the video for the face value.

Hopefully the woman is okay, and hopefully that guy didn’t hit her sister.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff