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Was the Girlfriend Cheek Stroking Escalator Prank Gone Wrong Fight Staged?

A prank is a fun, unexpected act that you pull on your friends, family, or a complete stranger. They might think that you’re joking when you actually aren’t, or they might not even know that you’re doing it until it’s too late. Pranks can be anything from pulling a funny face to staging a fake accident. They can be simple or complex, and they’re usually meant to be fun, but can end up being completely dangerous. Such is the case in the recent incident where a prankster got dragged across an escalator after doing something completely uncalled for, but some people are convinced it was staged for one glaring reason.

Details on Why People Think the Girlfriend Cheek Stroking Escalator Prank Gone Wrong Fight was Staged

Recent footage posted by dg_5000 shows how an unlucky TikToker and Youtuber’s escalator prank went horribly wrong, and he got super embarrassed in the process, or so it seems. The prankster decided to secretly record the victim as he entered the escalator, then stroked his girlfriend’s cheek. The victim was clearly unsuspecting, and as result he took the action as an egregious form of disrespect. The man hemmed up the YouTuber then dragged him across the escalator like he weighed nothing.

Luckily for him he was able to explain it was just a prank before he got punched in the face. However, some people feel the video was staged, because the man’s girlfriend didn’t react or show any emotion while the situation was going down. People were expecting her to at least flinch when a random person stroked her cheek. At the corner of the video is the Instagram handle @..Youngmooch.

This what went down moments earlier. Imagine telling someone they’re “tripping” after you just touched their girlfriend’s face.

Was that staged? Many people on social media believe so due to the girlfriend’s lack of reaction as aforementioned.

If that footage was faked then everyone involved in creating it is definitely genius. If it was completely real then you have to wonder if the prankster feels the embarrassment was worth the attention.

Moral of the story is touching another man’s woman in public can have some very serious consequences, especially when they have the arm strength of a superhero.

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