GTA V Omni Man Invincible Mod

GTA 5 continues to unlock the dreams of many gamers around the world. The modding system allows you to create any scenario and play through it. Over the years we have seen many superhero GTA mods, but a recent one has social media in awe. The GTA V Omni Man Invincible mod is truly a sight to behold.

A short clip of gameplay shows the GTA 5 Omni man flying high in the sky and smashing helicopters with one punch just like in the show. Everything about the look of his uniform looks identical to the comic books and the Amazon Prime series. What stood out most to us was how real his red cape looks. When the shockwave from the explosions blew his cape back we thought it was amazing.

What would be super awesome if this person created a GTA V Mod of the Invincible vs Omni Man battle that took place at the end of the first season. Or maybe a Homelander vs Omni Man GTA V fight mod.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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