Have you ever been in your room during a thunderstorm, and thought to yourself that it was very relaxing? Are you one of those people that likes to get caught in heavy rainfall? If so, then a Spa Room that recreates a thunderstorm environment would be a dream come true for you, and it’s actually a reality apparently.

Storm Themed Spa Room Video Goes Viral

A Spa is usually supposed to be a quiet and calm space where people can go to unwind, and become more in tune with their mind, body, and soul. However, for the people who like hearing the sound of thunder, and feeling the heavy rain pouring down from sky the normal spa environment is less than optimal. Someone thought of a genius way to rectify that by creating a storm-themed spa room, that definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

The storm spa room consists of a large pool, a ceiling that pours water, and 4 walls that are actually giant TV screens. All these features work together with the addition of sound effects to create what looks and probably feels like a really strong thunderstorm. It’s so realistic it’s actually a bit frightening for some people to think about being trapped in a room like that. For the storm lovers like the guy who was smoking a hookah in Hurricane Ida floodwater this storm-themed spa room is truly a sight to behold, and likely an experience that would never be forgotten.

The storm theme really might change the perception of spa rooms forever in terms of setting the bar higher. For example imagine a spa room with a tropical rain forest, or outer space environment. Spa rooms like these could be the next big trend.

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