Snow Melting in Real-Time in The Last of Us Part 2 on PS5 Has Gamers Amazed

When The Last Of Us Part 2 was upgraded for the PS5 back in May, gamers everywhere rejoiced at the thought increased framerates, higher resolutions, and crisper textures. Despite it being a few months since that update was released, small intricate details easier to see on PS5 are still leaving gamers in awe.

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One of the main graphical details gamers are noticing about the PS5 revamped version is the snow melting in real-time in The Last of Us Part 2. A viral video shows how snow hit objects such as a horse, and slowly melts away in a eerily realistic fashion.

Snow Melting in Real-Time in Last Of Us Part 2 on PS5 Has Gamers Amazed

This game pushed the limits of PS4 to deliver one of the most graphically intense games of last generation, so it’s not surprising the PS5 enhanced version is leaving gamers speechless. The snow melting melting in real-time in Last of Us Part 2 just shows how dedicated Naughty Dog is to delivering an ultra realistic fun experience to gamers.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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