A Bookbag Bra? Backpack Jan-Sports Bra By JanSport Goes Viral

Did you know a bookbag bra now exists? The Backpack Jan-Sports bra by JanSport is going viral, and once you see it you will understand why. For years women have hidden valuable items such as money in their bra, because it’s the one place people probably wouldn’t look in the case of a robbery.

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The Bookbag sports bra completely changes the game by giving women a place to store many items in their chest area. The backpack Jan-Sports bra consists of two mini bookbags connected by straps the comfortably cover the chest.

A Bookbag Bra? Backpack Jan-Sports Bra By JanSport Goes Viral

Jan-Sports may have just started the newest fashion trend for women. These bookbag bras could make doing things like camping or going to the beach much more convenient. Now ladies don’t have to reach in their bra to pull a credit or debit card. Instead they can reach into their backpack bra, which would be much more appropriate in some public settings.

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Will this new Bookbag Jan-Sports bra be on your back to school list?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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