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Jeanette Gallegos Last IG Live Video Before J Stash Committed Suicide and Murdered Her in Front Her Kids is Very Sad

The first day of the year for Hip-hop was tainted with a horrific murder suicide case involving popular Florida rapper J Stash. The tragic incident took place inside a home in Temple City according to police reports. Details on the incident paint a picture of how 3 children witnessed things that they will never be able to forget.

Details on Why Florida Rapper J Stash Committed Suicide After Murdering a Woman in Front Her Kids

According to police reports a call came in around 7 am on January 1st that a shooting happened at an LA county home on Pentland street. LAPD knew they would be responding to a case of domestic violence, but they probably weren’t prepared for what they would witness when they entered the home.

Upon arriving at the home police found J Stash dead, along with a 27 year old Hispanic woman named Jeanette Gallegos.

Police believe J Stash committed suicide by shooting himself in the head one time, after shooting the woman multiple times. When that happened her three kids who range from 5 – 11 years old were inside the home witnessing the whole thing transpire.

Based on the reports it seems J Stash beat up the woman, shot her, and then shot himself in front of her kids. Luckily they weren’t physically harmed in the ordeal.

Jeanette Gallegos’ Last Instagram Live Video Before J Stash Committed Suicide and Murdered Her in Front Her Kids Goes Viral

While we can’t confirm if this is the same woman, a video going viral is allegedly Jeanette Gallegos’ last IG Live video before J Stash murdered her in front her kids then committed suicide. In this alleged Instagram Live video Jeanette Gallegos was enjoying a cold smoothie, but had a worried look in her eyes and tone of voice.

What was startling was when she said “I’m on the other side of town”.

In hindsight some people think she was on the other side of town to get away from J Stash. However, we still haven’t confirmed if this is actually her in the video like many people on social media claim. Take a look.

Was Jeanette Gallegos Cheating on J Stash?

On social media the gravity of what took place in the case of J Stash’s murder-suicide shooting has sparked many conspiracy theories. While the true motive is still unknown, what’s clear is that this was very personal for J Stash. Not only did he murder the woman, but he also did it in front of her 3 small kids, and committed suicide after.

It was like he didn’t want to live anymore, but also didn’t want her to live anymore either, similar to a “if I can’t have you, no one will” murder-suicide case. Considering he also had no regard for the welfare of her kids, this has led some conspiracy theorists to believe that J Stash caught Jeanette Gallegos cheating, and went crazy. It would be too sad if he ended an innocent mother’s life in front of her children over something petty like cheating.

J Stash’s Legacy in Hip-Hop

J Stash was still a relatively young artist who was only 28 at the time of his death. Along with being a rapper, J Stash also owned a small label called “Relax Entertainment”. His label name is a bit ironic considering the horrific things he did in his last hours alive. J Stash was also an aspiring model.

None of that matters now, because he will forever be known for the heinous murder he committed.

RIP Jeanette Gallegos, and prayers up for her 3 kids.

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