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Young Thug’s Weight Gain Physique Goes Viral After Video of Him Helping His Lawyer in Court

A video showing rapper Young Thug assisting his lawyer with paperwork in court has gone viral on social media. The video, shows Young Thug listening attentively to the judge as he uses legal terms and jargon that only a lawyer would understand. However, it seems that Young Thug was not lost in the conversation, as he was able to write down notes for his lawyer. However, it wasn’t only his legal skills that caught the attention of social media.

Young Thug’s Weight Gain Muscle Physique Goes Viral

Many people praised Young Thug for his intelligence and legal skills, while others joked that he should become a lawyer after his release from prison. However, despite the impressive display of Young Thug’s legal acumen, many people were more intrigued by his new physique.

In the video, Young Thug appears to have gained a significant amount of muscle and weight, and looks much healthier than before. His face is fuller, his arms are bigger, and his chest is more defined. Many fans speculated that he has spent all his free time working out in prison, which has helped him improve his physical condition. Some even compared him to rapper Gucci Mane, who also underwent a dramatic transformation after serving time in prison.

Before his jail stint, Young Thug was known for his skinny and lanky appearance, which often drew criticism and mockery from some of his peers and critics. He also admitted to having a drug addiction, which may have contributed to his weight loss and health issues. However, since he cannot use drugs in prison, he may have found a new way to cope with his situation by exercising and eating well.

Young Thug’s fans are happy to see him looking better and smarter than ever, and hope that he will continue to make positive changes in his life after he gets out of prison. They also look forward to hearing new music from him, as he has reportedly been working on several projects while behind bars. Young Thug is one of the most influential and innovative artists in the rap industry, and has inspired many other musicians with his unique style and sound.

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