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NBA Youngboy Snowball Fight with Fans Goes Viral

Who needs friends to have fun when you can just invite your fans over at any given time? That’s what some people are thinking after NBA Youngboy did the unthinkable during a snowstorm in his city. From a safety standpoint it might not have been the smartest decision, but you’ll see that it showed how down to earth he is despite all the millions to his name.

NBA Youngboy Invited Fans to His House Just to Have Snowball Fight

Everyone that’s ever lived in a snowy area knows how fun a snowball fight can be. The more people you have, the more chaotic it is, which means more fun for everyone involved. NBA Youngboy has one of the most dedicated fan bases in hip-hop history. The proof is the record breaking amount of views his YouTube videos got even when he was independent. Naturally they jumped that opportunity when NBA Youngboy invited fans over to his house for a snowball fight of epic proportions.

That footage is a perfect example of why NBA Youngboy is a living legend already. Thank goodness nothing crazy happened.