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Tiny and TI Accused of Human Sex Trafficking by 15 Different Women After Getting Exposed for Abuse by Sabrina Peterson

Tiny and TI are accused of human sex trafficking by 15 different women. The allegations came by way of Sabrina Peterson’s “The Glam University” Instagram account after she exposed TI of abusing her.

It all started with Sabrina telling a story of TIP putting a gun to her head in front of her children. She claims she was a victim of rape, but TI tries to paint her as a villain in public. She then started to speak of the black women who have been trying to heal from rape and violence against them, but didn’t have the courage to come forward, because of how society treats them and the dangers involved with confession.

That’s when things got deep with allegations of Tiny and TI running a human sex trafficking ring came to light. 15 different women started to share stories through Sabrina Peterson’s “theglamuniversity” IG account. They told horrific stories about TI abusing them while Tiny would watch. Some women even said T.I. choked them out and punched them in face when they would try to defend themselves. They also alleged he would force some women to take ecstasy pills.

One of the woman claims T.I. would refer to his human sex trafficking victims as “cattle”. Based on the stories this is like another version of the R Kelly situation. Take a look at some of the women’s stories below.