Are P Diddy and Ja Rule gay? Since the beginning of time there have been rumors concerning P Diddy’s preferences behind closed doors. There have been numerous people over the years that have come forward with allegations that P Diddy is gay. Once again that seems to be a topic of conversation surrounding him after Gene Deal’s viral interview with the Art of Dialogue.

Did P Diddy Go to a Hotel Room with Male Rapper Ja Rule and Bag Full of Butt Plug and Toys?

According to Gene Deal everything began when he and P Diddy were in Atlanta, and went to an Exotic bookstore. While there he recalled seeing P Diddy fill a brown paper bag with all kinds of toys. What stood out most to him was that P Diddy allegedly bought a bunch of butt plugs. After the adult store shopping spree, he and P Diddy flew to North Carolina on a G4 Jet for a show along with two women.

According to his story that night in North Carolina P Diddy and Ja Rule went inside a hotel room with the bag full butt plugs, and the two women. Gene Deal claims he was instructed to make sure no one came in the room while they did whatever they were doing. Gene Deal says when P Diddy said to make sure no one came in the room it meant some really freaky stuff was going on inside. He seemed to be insinuating that Ja Rule and P Diddy might have used the butt plugs on each other.

It seems the gist of what Gene Deal is trying to say is that it’s possible that P Diddy and Ja Rule did gay things together in that Hotel room, but we can’t just ignore the fact they also had two women in there with them.

Maybe they used those butt plugs on those two ladies.

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