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Was Alpo Martinez Setup By a Woman? Gene Deal Revealing why Alpo Was Waiting in His Truck Sparks Alpo Shooting Conspiracy Theories

With the unexpected shooting death of Alpo Martinez still fresh in the news headlines, more information is being learned about the details of what happened in the hours leading up to the shooting, and why Alpo was at the Halloween party. Some of the most recent information about what really happened during the Alpo shooting came by way of Gene Deal.

Who is Gene Deal?

Before discussing what Gene Deal said about the Alpo Shooting, it’s best if you know exactly who he is, just in case you don’t. Gene Deal was P Diddy’s bodyguard on the night Biggie Smalls got shot. He was the one who pulled Biggie out the car when they were still trying to save his life. Gene Deal is known for having insider information on many things that happen in the Hip-hop community due to the deep connections he has from his past profession.

Did a Woman Setup Alpo Martinez? Gene Deal Reveals Why Alpo was Waiting in his Truck

Recently Gene Deal revealed some crucial information about events leading up the Alpo shooting. He actually knows Alpo, so his information is considered truthful. These are the key details Gene Deal revealed.

  • On the night of the shooting Alpo was wearing a bulletproof vest.
  • Alpo’s friends were worried about Alpo being out on Halloween so early in the morning, because typically people who might have prices on their head lay low on holidays like Halloween, since many people are wearing masks.
  • The Alpo shooting may have been the result of a new beef not related to his snitching past.
  • Alpo was confident his bulletproof vest was enough protection. He also alleges that Alpo was welcoming death after his mother passed away shortly after he was released from prison.
  • Alpo Martinez was waiting in his truck for a woman at the Halloween Party.
  • It’s possible that it wasn’t a drive-by shooting, and police are saying that to throw the suspects off. Alpo’s truck was too high off the ground for the shooters to be as accurate as they were at hitting his vital spots through the bulletproof vest.

The piece of info that stood out most from Gene Deal, was that Alpo Martinez was waiting for a woman while he was sitting in his truck at the Halloween party. In that time period he was waiting, Gene Deal claims Alpo was boxed in before the shooting happened.

Take a listen to Gene Deal’s insider info about the Alpo shooting in the video below. His information has led to Alpo Shooting conspiracy theories that Alpo Martinez was setup by the woman he was waiting for in his truck.

Here you can see the video aftermath of the Alpo shooting.

Based on what Gene Deal revealed about the Alpo shooting, it seems like he was battling many inner demons that made him start being more reckless about the steps he was taking to ensure his own safety. Gene Deal said Alpo lost all hope when his mother died, which made him start welcoming the thought of death. That could explain why he pulled up the Halloween party while being aware of the potential risks.

The big question people have is if the shooters made the woman lure Alpo Martinez there to get shot?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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