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Did Charleston White Lie About Getting Pistol Whipped at Barbershop by Kevin Spencer? New Video Exposes Alleged Hoax

Charleston White, a social media personality known for his controversial opinions and commentary, has claimed that he was attacked by a man named Kevin Spencer at a barber shop. White posted a video from a hospital bed, showing his bruised face and accusing Spencer of hitting him in the head with a gun after he fell asleep in a chair while getting a haircut. However, there is no evidence that the whole situation may have been a elaborate hoax to prove a point to the internet.

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Prior to the alleged attack White said that Spencer was a snitch in the past. White alleged that Spencer was recently released from prison and that he had cooperated with the authorities to get a reduced sentence. White also said that Spencer was jealous of his success and popularity on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where he has amassed a large following for his provocative and often inflammatory views on various topics, especially those related to race and politics.

White’s video sparked a lot of reactions online, with some people expressing sympathy and support for him, while others saying that he deserved what happened to him. Some also questioned the authenticity of his story, suggesting that he might have staged the incident to gain more attention or sympathy.

White has not provided any evidence to back up his claims, nor has he filed a police report or pressed charges against Spencer. Spencer has not publicly responded to White’s accusations, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Did Charleston White Lie About Getting Pistol Whipped Barbershop by Kevin Spencer?

Those people who thought that Charleston White might have staged the situation like Jussie Smollett, may have been right. In a new video Charleston White admitted that he lied, because he wanted to prove that the internet will believe anything. In the video White mocked and laughed at everyone who actually believed he got pistol whipped by Kevin Spencer at the barbershop.

In the footage he pointed out that there is no evidence that the attack actually took place, besides he what he decided to tell people in the video above. He went on to say that because of the internet, the real truth isn’t the truth anymore, the truth is what you can make people believe. In this case he made people believe he was attacked. Take a listen.

Some people have speculated that this might be the first time that White was caught “lacking”, a slang term that means being unprepared or vulnerable to an attack. White has often boasted about his street credibility and his ability to handle any situation.

However, his alleged encounter with Spencer seems to be a hoax, so in reality White caught the internet lacking.