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Charles Barkley Calls Out Drake and Kendrick Lamar For Beef after Inside the NBA Plays ‘Euphoria’ Diss Track

In an unexpected crossover, the world of basketball and hip-hop collided on the set of ‘Inside the NBA’. The catalyst? A feud between two titans of the rap world, Drake and Kendrick Lamar, fueled by the controversial use of Lamar’s diss track ‘Euphoria’ as the show’s background score. This unlikely intersection of sports and music sparked a heated debate that reverberated far beyond the studio walls.

Kenny Smith’s Reaction to Inside the NBA Using Kendrick Lamar’s Drake Diss Track ‘Euphoria

The producers’ choice of ‘Euphoria’ as the show’s background music was a curveball that caught everyone off guard, especially Kenny Smith. His offhand remark about being thrust into the center of a rap feud set the stage for a more profound discussion led by Charles Barkley.

“C’mon man why you putting us right in the middle of a rap beef” Smith remarked, his brow furrowed in confusion with a smile.

How Charles Barkley Dissed Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Barkley, an NBA legend turned analyst, didn’t shy away from addressing the issue head-on. His words, “Rap beef. Two grown a** men,” were a slam dunk critique of the ongoing feud between Drake and Lamar. His expression of disgust mirrored his disdain for the immaturity displayed by the two rappers, painting their lyrical warfare as a petty squabble unfitting of their age and stature.

The Echo Chamber of Social Media: The Reactions to Charles Barkley Calling Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Barkley’s comments reverberated across social media, prompting a reevaluation of the feud between Drake and Lamar. The narrative shifted, focusing on the age of the feuding rappers and the perceived childishness of their actions. The public began to see the feud as a juvenile spat, a view championed by only a few outspoken figures like former NBA player Gilbert Arenas.

Drake is 37 years old, and Kendrick Lamar is 36 years old. When you take that into account Chuck has a strong point.

Drake’s Trifecta of Troubles

This incident also cast a spotlight on Drake’s track record in rap beefs. Having previously been bested by Pusha T and Meek Mill in high-profile feuds, Drake now seemed to be on the losing end of his feud with Lamar. You could also throw Charles Barkley in there, because his comments are another L for him as well.

Yet, despite these setbacks, Drake’s popularity and income remain unscathed, thanks to his broad appeal beyond the hardcore hip-hop demographic.

The Ripple Effect

The incident on ‘Inside the NBA’ had far-reaching effects, prompting introspection within the hip-hop community. The industry’s glorification of feuds and beefs was called into question, with calls for a shift in focus towards creativity and talent.

The incident served as a wake-up call, highlighting the need for maturity and positivity in the industry. Many artists and fans alike began to question the value of these feuds, arguing that they often overshadow the music and talent that should be at the forefront.

Charles Barkley comments about the ‘Euphoria’ diss track on ‘Inside the NBA’ served as a mirror to the hip-hop industry, reflecting its flaws and the need for change. While rap beefs may provide entertainment and generate headlines, they often overshadow the music and talent that should be celebrated. It’s high time the industry moves beyond these petty feuds and focuses on what truly matters – the art, the creativity, and the positive impact that music can have on society.

As the final buzzer sounded on this unlikely crossover, it became clear that the worlds of basketball and hip-hop share a common need for sportsmanship, respect, and a commitment to excellence. Perhaps this unexpected collision will serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring both industries to embrace a more positive and uplifting path forward.

Drake and Kendrick should be making music together, instead of trying to harm each others careers right?

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