OnlyFans is more popular then ever in hiphop, and the most unlikely duo just jumped in on the fun. DJ Khaled and Fat Joe OnlyFans account is now a reality, but there is slight twist to it.

It appears their OnlyFans page won’t be sharing adult rated overweight material, but rather spiritual insights and everyday activities they do together. They will be taking the DJ Envy OnlyFans route, except in his case he shares investment insights.

The two videos above are possibly a preview of the type of content you will see on Fat Joe and DJ Khaled’s OnlyFans page. They have reportedly confirmed that along with uplifting insights, they will share exclusive videos of them playing basketball and eating together among other things.

For people who have been waiting to see Fat Joe play DJ Khaled in a game of basketball, this could be a dream come true. OnlyFans is really changing the game in hiphop.

Author: JordanThrilla