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T Rodgers Dead at 65: How Did Blood Gang Founder T Rodgers Die?

According to new reports blood gang founder T Rodgers is dead at 65. Although his legacy includes being one the most prominent gang leaders ever, throughout his life he did many positive things. He was a man of many hats that included being a musician, poet, actor, author, and mentor among other things. He famously said that he was never in gang, because it was it was a “Blood organization”.

What was T Rodgers’ Cause of Death?

At the moment there are still no details on how T Rodgers died. There are some rumors that complications from a Kidney Transplant surgery caused T Rodgers’ death. In recent months his physical appearance had visibly declined. One thing that’s interesting about this situation is that a few years ago OG Mack Drama made a post insinuating T Rodgers passed away.

Here are some social media reactions to the news T Rodgers is dead.

Tariq Nasheed reacted to T Rodgers’ death by revealing he was working with him on a museum project to display his works.

T Rodgers Dead at 65: How Did Blood Gang Founder T Rodgers Die? Tariq Naheed reacts to T Rodgers dead.

The Early Life of T Rodgers

T Rodgers was born in Chicago where he lived on the rough South Side for the first 12 years of his life. Everything would change when his mother moved the family to the infamous Baldwin Hills in Los Angeles. Baldwin Hills is infamously known for its high crime rates in relation to drugs and murder, much like South Side Chicago.

Considering the environments he came up in, and relationships he made with gang members, in the end T Rodgers grew up to be a upstanding citizen who was making a positive impact in many ways.

RIP T Rodgers.

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