Transgender Women Reacting to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner.

Fox News shocked the nation today when they announced their new hire is a transgender woman. According to their announcement Caitlyn Jenner is now part of the Fox News family. This isn’t surprising in the sense that Caitlyn Jenner is conservative, and not shy about it. Naturally you would assume that trans women would be happy that someone in their community is getting such a large platform, but due to Caitlyn Jenner’s peculiar relationship with the LGBTQ community it has sparked controversy.

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According to reports Caitlyn Jenner’s first Fox News appearance will be on the Sean Hannity show, someone who is ironically seemingly very anti trans. She is slated to offer commentary across various shows on their next work as one of their main contributors. Despite the fact Fox News is a conservative leaning network they have allegedly been actively trying to hire LGBTQ staffers.

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Why Don’t Transgender Women Like Caitlyn Jenner?

As aforementioned, Caitlyn Jenner is not very popular in LGBTQ community, or so it seems. Although Fox News describes Caitlyn as a transgender activist, her actions actually seem to convey the opposite. For example in the past Caitlyn Jenner said that transgender women shouldn’t be allowed to participate in sports with cisgender women. Naturally Transgender women’s reactions to Fox News hiring Caitlyn Jenner have mostly been negative. On social media they were calling out her sketchy past when it comes to standing up for Trans rights.

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Transgender Women React to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner

Transgender Woman Reacting to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner.
Trans Woman Reacting to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner.
Transgender Woman Reacting to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner.
Trans Woman Reacting to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner.

Plastic Martyr’s reaction to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner was one of the most emotional.

Transgender Woman Reacting to Fox News Hiring Caitlyn Jenner.

Will Conservative Viewers React to Caitlyn Jenner on Fox News The Way Transgender Women Have?

The ironic thing about this situation as that for the first time we could see Transgender women and conservatives agree on something. It’s safe to assume that the conservative Fox News viewers are not going to be happy to see a trans woman hosting shows on the network. That seemingly goes against “conservative values”.

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Throughout history conservatives have been one of the main groups against all things LGTBQ. What are they going to think now that their favorite conservative news network is promoting the LGBTQ community to them in such a bold way?

Could you imagine seeing Fox News protests with crowds made up of transgender women and conservatives? That would be like a political matrix.

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