A crying Bam Margera broke down on Instagram live begging fans to Venmo him $1 and boycott Jackass 4 after revealing Paramount Pictures put him through hell. In the “You never cared about me” rant Bam Margera detailed how Jackass is holding him hostage in Pennsylvania, and he can’t leave.

He went on to explain that if he did decided to leave he would be forced to take another torturous sobriety test three times a day a 3:00, 6:00, and 8:00 everyday. Bam Margera says that no matter where he was a random beep would go off and he would have to stop what he was doing to urinate for a drug test. In the rant he also claimed that he was being forced by Paramount Pictures to take multiple antidepressant pills every morning, and had to show them proof that he took all of them.

Later on the video Bam Margera says he isn’t in Jackass 4, which seems to be the root of his breakdown. He says he spent over $90,000 at his expense doing rehab they instructed him to do, and they are using his ideas in a movie they won’t put him in. Take a listen.

The video got extra sad when the crying Bam Margera asked people Venmo him $1 Dollar instead of going to see Jackass 4. It’s clear his emotional pain is very immense at the moment, and his money is running low at the same time.

Hopefully he can find someway to overcome this situation, but it isn’t looking good. Pray for Bam Margera.

Author: JordanThrilla

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