Hammerhead Shark Almost Eats Man Swimming at Panama Beach in Front Splash Resort

One lucky man should be playing the lotto after he sees how close he was to becoming shark food. A viral video shows the moment a hammerhead shark almost attacked a man swimming at Panama Beach in front Splash Resort.

The footage shows the hammerhead shark darting directly towards the man, but it veers off at the very last second. What really happened was that a Sting Ray swam into the vicinity, which distracted the hammerhead shark and saved the man’s life. Lucky for him Sting Rays are known as one of the favorite food choices for a hammerhead shark.

As you can see everyone at Panama Beach Splash Resort was trying to save this guy from the hammerhead shark. They were screaming “get out” and “What an idiot” albeit to no avail. In the end fate said it wasn’t his time to die.

It might be time for him to get a tattoo of a Sting Ray, because that’s what really save his life.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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