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How a Robber Got Instant Karma After Trying To Steal a Woman’s Purse Using His Motorcycle

A video of a failed robbery attempt has gone viral on social media, showing how a thief got more than he bargained for when he tried to snatch a woman’s purse while she was walking on an empty street.

How the Robber Got Instant Karma After Stealing a Woman’s Purse

The video, which was captured by a security camera, shows a man approaching a woman who is walking to her car with her purse in her hand. The man grabs the purse and tries to run away, but as he is getting ready to flee the scene on his motorcycle, a white truck pulls up and does what no one could have expected.

The driver of the truck, who realized quickly that something was wrong, used his vehicle to knock over the thief’s bike every time he tries to get on it. The thief struggles to pick up his bike and escape, but the truck driver is relentless and keeps ramming into it. At one point it looked like they were getting ready to run over his motorcycle.

The victim seemed stunned by the sudden turn of events, watching from a distance as the truck driver foils the thief’s getaway. The video ends before showing what happened next, leaving viewers in suspense.

The video has been shared thousands of times on social media, with many people praising the truck driver for his heroic act and calling it “instant karma” for the thief.


These incidents show how dangerous it can be to carry a purse in public places, and how important it is to be alert and prepared for any possible threats. Some experts advise women to avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables in their purses and to keep them close to their bodies or under their arms. They also suggest carrying pepper spray or other self-defense tools and being ready to use them if necessary.

However, some people may also find unexpected allies in their fight against robbers, such as the white truck driver who came to the rescue of the woman. His actions may have saved her from losing her purse or worse, and he has earned the admiration and gratitude of many people online.

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