Will Shawn Michaels Get Me Too'd? Shawn Michaels Accused of Date Raping Women With Halcion Then Tossing Their Bodies. Shawn Michaels used Halcion H-Bomb drugs to date rape women details

Back in the day Shawn Michaels was part of a wrestling group called “The Rockers”. True to their name they wear living the fast Rock star life outside the ring, which has led to some explosive allegations on Dark Side of Ring – Plane Ride from Hell.

Did Shawn Michaels Date Rape Women with H-Bombs?

According to story from Brutus Beefcake, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels were date raping women at their hotels. It’s alleged Shawn Michaels used Halcion drugs (H-Bombs) on women by slipping it in their drinks, which would render them unconscious. After he was finished assaulting the women he would toss their unconscious bodies into the hotel hallway with no clothes on, and lock his door.

What is Halcion aka H-Bomb?

Halcion is a powerful sedative with side effects that include severely impaired coordination, decision making, and suicidal thoughts. When mixed with alcohol is slows down heart rate and breathing, which can potentially lead to death. When taking with an alcoholic drink the effects happen very quickly.

It’s not clear how true these allegations from Brutus Beefcake are, but considering other stories from the Plane Ride from Hell episode it seems very believable. There a rumors that Shawn Michaels became religious later on in his career, which could be related to his alleged past transgressions of date raping women.

Will Shawn Michaels get Me Too’d by the women he allegedly assaulted? Now that the story is out, it won’t be surprising if they come forward.

These allegations come after the controversial stories of what Ric Flair did to a flight attendant. It’s really sad what women were allegedly going through at the hands of these wrestlers.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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